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Operating Regulations for Electric Heating Furnace
TIME: 2021/3/23

 Operating rules before operation of electric heating furnace:

1. Check whether the equipment is normal and whether the buttons are in the "off" position.
2. Open the vent valve so as to supply water smoothly.
3. Start the feedwater pump (automatic), pay attention to the water level device, when the water level reaches the upper limit, pay attention to automatically stop the feedwater and close the steam release valve.
Operating rules for electric furnace operation:
1. Starting equipment, when the steam pressure rises to 0.58 mpa, the equipment should automatically stop heating.
2. When the temperature of the blanching furnace rises to the required temperature, open the steam bypass valve to discharge water until there is no water droplet in the exhaust steam. Close the bypass valve and fill the blanching furnace with steam. When the steam pressure drops to 0.38 mpa, the equipment can start heating automatically.
3. Adjust the valve to ensure that the steam pressure of the filling furnace is in the range of 0.04-0.07 mpa. Pump can automatically replenish water to ensure the water level between the upper limit and the lower limit.
Operating rules of electric heating furnace after operation:
1. Stop the machine and turn off the main power supply.
2. Release steam after work. When the steam pressure drops to 0.05 mpa, open the drain valve and close the drain valve until the sewage is discharged.
3. Clean up the work site.

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