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Quality life Starting from the CHINCO
TIME: 2020/10/10
Have seen such a sentence: "a complete home, can not do without a woman, and every home will have a kitchen, even the simplest of the most simple home, there will certainly be a small stove. Kitchen is another woman Stage, a pot of a shovel to waving the perfect woman 's life.
Today, people are not worried about the problem of food and clothing, began to pursue quality of life, many housewives for the health of their families, began to diverge thinking culinary cooking food life.
Jinhua Qi Branch Electric Appliance Co., Ltd. focus on kitchen electric industry, continuous development and innovation. Qi Branch of the electrical appearance of fashion beautiful, high-performance products, improve after-sales service system so that Qi Branch Electric has gradually matured, the market influence is gradually rising, a well-known high-end integrated brand!
Intelligent kitchen, Qi Branch pilot. To every woman a healthy stage to show themselves, Qi Branch appliances, a manifestation of love, to show the taste of the kitchen electrical products! Quality of life by the Qi Branch of electrical life.

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