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The Difference between Electric Heating Furnace and Electromagnetic Furnace
TIME: 2021/1/15

 The Difference between Electric Heating Furnace and Electromagnetic Furnace

Now for us, electric heaters and electric furnaces are common in our lives. Electric heaters and electric cookers are good help for housewives in the kitchen. With the continuous updating of household appliances, the products produced are becoming more and more high-tech and intelligent. Now let's introduce the difference between electric heater and electric heater. Is it an electric heater or an induction cooker?
What is the difference between an electric heater and an electric heater?
1. From the appearance of the electric heater and the electric furnace, the electric heater consists of a circle of electric heater wires and switch buttons. Comparing with the induction cooker, the induction cooker is more advanced. It can choose different keys for cooking and stir-frying different foods. It can also be timed to make it convenient for people to leave for a short time when cooking. When the time reaches the limited value within the prescribed range, the power will be automatically cut off, which plays a very good protective role. Comparatively speaking, the induction cooker is more convenient and fast to use.
2. The use effect of electric heating furnace and electromagnetic furnace is basically the same, but the way of heating is different. The electric heating furnace is heated by the electric heating wire. There are many conductive wires inside the electric heating furnace, which generate heat through current. Electromagnetic furnace is heated by electromagnetic wave, which generates heat energy by contacting the metal friction of magnetic conduction. Relatively speaking, the induction cooker will not have open fire in the heating process, which is safer and healthier.
3. The heat source of cooking food in the electromagnetic oven is mainly from the bottom of the pot rather than the electromagnetic oven itself. The pot itself is used to heat the cooking food. The induction cooker has the advantages of fast heating, no smoke and dust, no harmful substances, beautiful appearance and good safety. There is a saying on the Internet that the radiation of the induction cooker is relatively large. In fact, the radiation frequency of the electromagnetic oven mainly depends on whether the electromagnetic wave itself is leaked or not, and what the value of the leakage is.
Is it better to have an induction furnace or an electric heating furnace?
Let me introduce the advantages and disadvantages of our product. Electromagnetic oven, let's talk about the harm of radiation first. Now no matter how high the radiation frequency is. But it's always a problem.
1. Radiation pollution will affect the circulatory system, immunity, reproductive and metabolic functions of the human body. Serious radiation pollution will also induce cancer and accelerate the proliferation of human cancer cells.
2. The main manifestations affecting people's reproductive system are lower sperm quality in men, spontaneous abortion and fetal malformation in pregnant women.
3. The cardiovascular system affecting people is characterized by palpitation and insomnia, menstrual disorders, bradycardia, decreased cardiac output, sinus arrhythmia, leukopenia and decreased immune function in some women.
4. It has a bad effect on people's visual system because the eyes belong to the sensitive organ of human body to electromagnetic radiation. Excessive electromagnetic radiation pollution will also affect the visual system. The main manifestations are visual impairment and cataract.

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